Friday, August 14, 2009

William E. Connelley's Second Red Leg List

With the publication of William E. Connelley’s Quantrill and the Border Wars in 1910, his list of Kansas Red Legs greatly expanded. In the new list (Pages 412-417) he now incorporated the following individuals:

William Hickok (Wild Bill)
“Red” Clark
Jack Harvey
“Sore-eyed” Dan
James Flood
Jerry Malcom
Charles Blunt known as “One-eyed Blunt”
Jack Hays
Walt Sinclair
W. S. Tough [William Sloan Tough]
“Pony” Searl
John Salathiel

In upcoming blog posts I will examine if all of these individuals deserve to be on Connelley’s register of Kansas Red Legs and who is missing from his list.


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